Daniel Drake Collection

In 1916, Mrs. Elizabeth Drake Morrill Edwards presented to the Medical Department a bronze tablet in memory of her great grandfather, Dr. Daniel Drake. In addition Mrs. Edwards and Mr. Charles Drake McGuffey presented the entire collection of original manuscripts, letters, diplomas, etc., of Dr. Daniel Drake to the Ohio-Miami Medical College Library, a precursor to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Materials include original correspondence and essays written by Drake, original certificates awarded to Drake, essays written about Drake and the founding of the UC College of Medicine and copies of articles which Drake edited.

Born in New Jersey in 1785 and graduated from the Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania, Daniel Drake eventually settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1819 Drake successfully founded the the Medical College of Ohio, which after many reincarnations, would become the University of Cincinnati's College of Medicine, the oldest college at UC.


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