Civil War Exemptions (Hamilton County, Ohio)

These Hamilton County, Ohio Civil War Exemptions (Accession Number ON-85-21) were part of a county records collection acquired by the Archives & Rare Books Library in 1985 under the Local Government Records Program established by the Ohio Historical Society and the State Legislature of Ohio. Under this program, the University of Cincinnati is the designated repository for government records for the eight southwestern Ohio counties and their municipalities and other governmental agencies when the records cannot be maintained by those public offices.

The Civil War exemptions were surviving records, along with other diverse public documents, after the 1884 Hamilton County Courthouse fire, and they represent military service exemptions granted by the Provost Marshal General’s Bureau upon posting of a monetary bond. This particular Bureau represented the 1st District of Ohio, i.e. Hamilton County. Records have been digitized, and prominent names and dates have been entered into the metadata -- Browse Subjects for the names of those seeking exemptions.

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