Cincinnati Industrial Exposition

This collection contains publicity posters, reports and other items related to the Cincinnati Industrial Expositions held in the mid to late 19th century. These events commenced in 1838 with "Annual Fairs" sponsored by the Ohio Mechanics Institute (now part of the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science). In 1870, the Institute partnered with the Board of Trade and Chamber of Commerce to present the first "Grand Industrial Exposition." These showcases attracted exhibitors nationwide representing industrial developments and artistic achievements of the day.

For the 1879 Exposition, a massive permanent building was erected for exhibitions and musical performances. This building is now known as Cincinnati's famed “Music Hall.” The last Industrial Exposition in 1888 commemorated the centennial of Cincinnati's founding and the settlement of the Ohio Valley, Northwest Territory, and state of Ohio.

No Industrial Expositions were held 1876-1878 or in 1887, in deference to expositions held elsewhere and to prepare for the Centennial.

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