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The Bincentennial Commons at Sawyer Point

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The Bincentennial Commons at Sawyer Point

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Title: The Bincentennial Commons at Sawyer Point
Author: MacKaron, Erissa, Photographer
Description: Sawyer Point was christened the Bicentennial Commons on June 4, 1988 in commemoration of the city's bicentennial. The land is named for Charles Sawyer, former Secretary of Commerce. Entrance to the park is made through Andrew Leicester's Cincinnati Gateway Sculpture. This wall is reminiscent of the Ishtar Gate of Babylon and the serpent mounds common to the Cincinnati area. Fossils, artifacts, stories about the area, four bronze pigs and a 115-foot tower are included as features in the sculpture. The ark-topped tower indicates the levels of Cincinnati's three major floods. A sculpture of Cincinnatus, the Roman for whom Cincinnati was named, created by Eleftherious Karkadoulias stands nearby. The Proctor and Gamble Performance Pavilion designed by Glaser Associates in 1987 holds up to 5000 and serves to host numerous public events and concerts. The Minimalist sculpture Law and Society (1972) by Barna van Sartory had known several homes before finally being placed at Sawyer Point in the early 1980s. The two stainless steel posts represent law. Society is represented by the large limestone block, which serves as the lintel, and is therefore upheld by law. Also included are the limestone foundations of the Front Street Pumping Station, a playground, tennis courts, and the Geologic Timeline of Riverwalk.
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/46
Date: 1988

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