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Ignatow, David : poetry reading; January 20th, 1987

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Ignatow, David : poetry reading; January 20th, 1987

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dc.contributor.author Ignatow, David, 1914-1997
dc.coverage.spatial University of Cincinnati. Elliston Poetry Room en_US
dc.coverage.temporal 1987 en_US
dc.date.accessioned 2012-07-23T13:56:30Z
dc.date.accessioned 2013-03-28T18:52:28Z
dc.date.available 2012-07-23T13:56:30Z
dc.date.available 2013-03-28T18:52:28Z
dc.date.created 1987-01-20
dc.date.issued 1987-01-20
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/696732
dc.description Contents:
All tracks   Poetry reading [complete]
Track 01     Invocation
Track 02     Reading the Headlines
Track 03     I'm Here
Track 04     My Enemies
Track 05     The Diner
Track 06     Talking to Myself
Track 07     Information
Track 08     In a Dream
Track 09     Biography
Track 10     There must be something wrong with me
Track 11     With My Back
Track 12     The Future
Track 13     The Question
Track 14     I sink back upon the ground...
Track 15     Hair
Track 16     I Look the Sun in the Eye
Track 17     I'm a Depressed Poem
Track 18     A Modern Fable
Track 19     A Requiem
Track 20     1905
Track 21     Cockroaches
Track 22     Brightness as a Poignant Light
Track 23     The Seasons
Track 24     From the Observatory
Track 25     Paint a Wall
Track 26     Lost Childhood
Track 27     Concrete
Track 28     It Is
Track 29     We are standing
Track 30     I Study the Folds of Fat
Track 31     The Letter
Track 32     Were You Perhaps Sent by the FBI
Track 33     I'll Build You a House
Track 34     An Odor Passed Between Us
Track 35     In My Childhood
Track 36     Wait
Track 37     My hot water bottle, my latest love
Track 38     The Men You've Loved
Track 39     The Image
dc.description Description on cassette: David Ignatow - Poetry Reading January 20, 1987. Intro: Terry Stokes en_US
dc.format.extent 00:59:29 en_US
dc.format.mimetype audio/mpeg
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.relation.ispartof The Elliston Project: Poetry Readings and Lectures at the University of Cincinnati
dc.relation.ispartofseries Poetry Readings
dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States *
dc.rights.uri http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/ *
dc.subject Ignatow, David, 1914-1997 en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Poetry--20th century en_US
dc.title Ignatow, David : poetry reading; January 20th, 1987 en_US
dc.type Recording, acoustical
dc.date.digitized 2012-03-29
dc.description.notes Digital Projects SAN: Folder and disc location for wav file: 20120329/Disc 1. Folder and disc location for mp3 file: 20120329/Disc 8 en_US
dc.publisher.digital University of Cincinnati. University of Cincinnati Libraries
dc.publisher.OLinstitution University of Cincinnati en_US
dc.publisher.OLrepository University of Cincinnati. Elliston Poetry Room

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Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87.mp3 57.11Mb mp3 audio View/Open Complete
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_01.mp3 2.311Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 01
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_02.mp3 994.4Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 02
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_03.mp3 1.923Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 03
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_04.mp3 2.275Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 04
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_05.mp3 1.812Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 05
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_06.mp3 843.6Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 06
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_07.mp3 707.3Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 07
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_08.mp3 937.2Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 08
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_09.mp3 317.3Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 09
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_10.mp3 241.7Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 10
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_11.mp3 738.2Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 11
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_12.mp3 718.2Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 12
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_13.mp3 496.2Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 13
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_14.mp3 961.9Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 14
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_15.mp3 1.761Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 15
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_16.mp3 233.8Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 16
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_17.mp3 722.8Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 17
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_18.mp3 1.011Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 18
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_19.mp3 1.827Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 19
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_20.mp3 1.389Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 20
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_21.mp3 1.393Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 21
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_22.mp3 1.005Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 22
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_23.mp3 362.9Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 23
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_24.mp3 321.5Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 24
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_25.mp3 482.0Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 25
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_26.mp3 532.2Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 26
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_27.mp3 584.8Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 27
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_28.mp3 388.0Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 28
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_29.mp3 238.7Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 29
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_30.mp3 541.4Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 30
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_31.mp3 627.9Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 31
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_32.mp3 401.4Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 32
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_33.mp3 416.8Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 33
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_34.mp3 184.4Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 34
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_35.mp3 904.2Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 35
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_36.mp3 612.4Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 36
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_37.mp3 786.3Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 37
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_38.mp3 255.9Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 38
Elliston_David_Ignatow_01-20-87_Track_39.mp3 602.0Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 39

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