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Levertov, Denise : poetry reading; April 5th, 1971

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Levertov, Denise : poetry reading; April 5th, 1971

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Title: Levertov, Denise : poetry reading; April 5th, 1971
Author: Levertov, Denise, 1923-1997
Description: Contents:
All tracks   Poetry reading [part I]
All tracks   Poetry reading [part II]
Track 01     O Taste and See
Track 02     A Dark Summer Day
Track 03     Living
Track 04     Somebody Trying
Track 05     from From a Notebook: October '68-May '69 (1)
Track 06     from From a Notebook: October '68-May '69 (2)
Track 07     from From a Notebook: October '68-May '69 (3)
Track 08     from From a Notebook: October '68-May '69 (4)
Track 09     "I Thirst"
Track 10     from From a Notebook: October '68-May '69 (5)
Track 11     A Place to Live
Track 12     To Kevin O'Leary, Wherever He Is
Track 13     White Phosphorous
Track 14     The Day the Audience Walked Out on Me, and Why
Track 15     Brass Tacks (fragment)
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/696760
Date: 1971-04-05

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Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A.mp3 44.20Mb mp3 audio View/Open Complete (Part I)
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_B.mp3 14.77Mb mp3 audio View/Open Complete (Part II)
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_01.mp3 878.7Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 01
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_02.mp3 1.002Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 02
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_03.mp3 762.5Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 03
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_04.mp3 1.892Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 04
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_05.mp3 824.7Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 05
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_06.mp3 683.1Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 06
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_07.mp3 1.231Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 07
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_08.mp3 1.793Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 08
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_09.mp3 1.235Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 09
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_A_Track_10.mp3 20.68Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 10
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_B_Track_11.mp3 568.5Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 11
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_B_Track_12.mp3 791.3Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 12
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_B_Track_13.mp3 1.165Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 13
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_B_Track_14.mp3 2.442Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 14
Elliston_Denise_Levertov_04-05-71_B_Track_15.mp3 3.779Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 15

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