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Davie, Donald : poetry reading : #5; March 29th, 1963

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Davie, Donald : poetry reading : #5; March 29th, 1963

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Title: Davie, Donald : poetry reading : #5; March 29th, 1963
Author: Davie, Donald
Description: Contents:
All tracks   Poetry reading [part I]
All tracks   Poetry reading [part II]
Track 01     Lowlands
Track 02     Hornet
Track 03     Green River
Track 04     The Red Mills
Track 05     Vying
Track 06     A Battlefield
Track 07     Housekeeping
Track 08     Humanly Speaking
Track 09     The Hill Field
Track 10     The Feeders
Track 11     In California
Track 12     A Meeting of Cultures
Track 13     Smoking Habits
Track 14     Barnsley and District
Track 15     The Christening
Track 16     To a Brother in the Mystery
Track 17     reading Adam Mickiewicz' "The Forests of Lithuania"
Track 18     After an Accident
Track 19     Between Dead and Alive
Track 20     The Heartland
Track 21     Windfall
Track 22     Thanks Description on reel:
Copy, Reel 1; "A Reading of His Poems" Donald Davie; March 29, 1963
Description inside box:
Davie, Donald
Three analogies for poetry; lecture no. 5 of eight lectures given in McMicken Hall, University of Cincinnati, March 13-April 11, 1963 under the sponsorship of the Elliston Poetry Foundation. ...

First reel. 7.5 i.p.s. (Cincinnati. University. George Elliston Poetry Foundation. Public lectures, 1963)

This lecture (March 29) was a reading of the author's own poems, with comments (Tape 29)
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/696768
Date: 1963-03-29

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Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A.mp3 26.09Mb mp3 audio View/Open Complete (Part I)
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B.mp3 33.01Mb mp3 audio View/Open Complete (Part II)
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_01.mp3 1.752Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 01
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_02.mp3 1.466Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 02
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_03.mp3 1.297Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 03
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_04.mp3 1.213Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 04
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_05.mp3 1.361Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 05
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_06.mp3 960.2Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 06
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_07.mp3 1.389Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 07
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_08.mp3 1.499Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 08
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_09.mp3 1.378Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 09
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_A_Track_10.mp3 1.531Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 10
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_11.mp3 1.561Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 11
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_12.mp3 1.874Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 12
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_13.mp3 1.392Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 13
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_14.mp3 2.629Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 14
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_15.mp3 1.331Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 15
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_16.mp3 3.906Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 16
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_17.mp3 4.367Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 17
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_18.mp3 1.326Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 18
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_19.mp3 780.0Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 19
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_20.mp3 520.5Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 20
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_21.mp3 572.3Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 21
Elliston_Donald_Davie_03-29-63_B_Track_22.mp3 710.6Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 22

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