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Wright, Jay : October 29th, 1976

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Wright, Jay : October 29th, 1976

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Title: Wright, Jay : October 29th, 1976
Author: Wright, Jay
Description: Description on cassette : Jay Wright ( 10-29-76) Paper Notes Inside Reel Box: Handwritten notes: 10-25-76 - Taping - Poetry Reading - Jay Wright Fri., Oct. 29, 1pm, 401-A T.U.C. (John Agosti) Thanx. BTS Description on Reel Box: Poetry Reading - Jay Wright 10-29-76 - 1pm - 401-A TUC Time: full tape 65 min. (7 1/2 ips) John Agosti Contents:
All tracks   Poetry reading [complete]
Track 01    Introduction
Track 02    Introduction by Jay Wright
Track 03    Atabaque
Track 04    The Neighborhood House
Track 05    Number 16
Track 06    Saint Gertrude
Track 07    An Invitation to Madison County
Track 08    The Man from Chi
Track 09    Joropo
Track 10    Missanges
Track 11    Jalapeña Gypsies
Track 12    Love Plumbs to the Center of the Earth
Track 13    From The Sign of the Ankh
Track 14    What is True
Track 15    Areito
Track 16    Villancico
Track 17    Lundu
Track 18    From The Second Eye of the World
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/697036
Date: 1976-10-29

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Elliston Lecture 10-29-76 Jay Wright.mp3 67.09Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_01.mp3 2.001Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_02.mp3 1.361Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_03.mp3 2.225Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_04.mp3 3.521Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_05.mp3 3.921Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_06.mp3 1.937Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_07.mp3 8.129Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_08.mp3 1.121Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_09.mp3 1.601Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_10.mp3 2.209Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_11.mp3 3.937Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_12.mp3 3.681Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_13.mp3 9.025Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_14.mp3 1.889Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_15.mp3 3.841Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_16.mp3 4.513Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_17.mp3 1.536Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_Jay_Wright_10-29-76_track_18.mp3 8.545Mb mp3 audio View/Open

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