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Gailey, Jeannine Hall : poetry reading; October 6th, 2006

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Gailey, Jeannine Hall : poetry reading; October 6th, 2006

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Title: Gailey, Jeannine Hall : poetry reading; October 6th, 2006
Author: Gailey, Jeannine Hall, 1973-
Description: Contents:
All tracks   Poetry reading [complete]
Track 01     Female Comic Book Superheroes
Track 02     Wonder Woman Dreams of the Amazon
Track 03     Femme Fatale
Track 04     Alice in Darkness
Track 05     The Conversation
Track 06     Dirge for a Video Game Heroine: On Dying Again
Track 07     In the Faces of Lichtenstein's Women
Track 08     Breathing in the Asthma Capital
Track 09     Job Requirements: A Supervillain's Advice
Track 10     Female Comic Book Superheroes II: When Catholic School Girls Strike Back
Track 11     Spy Girls
Track 12     Red Riding Hood at the Car Dealership
Track 13     When Red Becomes the Wolf
Track 14     Little Cinder
Track 15     Becoming the Villainess
Track 16     Leda's Mother Warns Her
Track 17     The Villainess
Track 18     The Slayer Asks for Time Off
Track 19     The Dead Girl Speaks
Track 20     In the Anime Version of My Life
Track 21     Yume (The Dream) Description on cassette : Jeannine Hall Gailey
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/697074
Date: 2006-10-06

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Elliston_Jeannine_Hall_Gailey_10-06-06.mp3 31.73Mb mp3 audio View/Open Complete
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_01.mp3 1.358Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 01
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_02.mp3 1.365Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 02
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_03.mp3 703.1Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 03
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_04.mp3 772.9Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 04
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_05.mp3 1.154Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 05
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_06.mp3 1.354Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 06
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_07.mp3 718.6Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 07
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_08.mp3 823.1Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 08
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_09.mp3 1.520Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 09
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_10.mp3 572.8Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 10
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_11.mp3 960.6Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 11
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_12.mp3 632.1Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 12
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_13.mp3 1.019Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 13
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_14.mp3 1.063Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 14
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_15.mp3 1.653Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 15
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_16.mp3 470.3Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 16
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_17.mp3 660.1Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 17
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_18.mp3 906.3Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 18
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_19.mp3 1.381Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 19
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_20.mp3 1.399Mb mp3 audio View/Open Track 20
Elliston_Jeanni ... iley_10-06-06_Track_21.mp3 940.1Kb mp3 audio View/Open Track 21

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