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Wagoner, David : May 10th, 1982

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Wagoner, David : May 10th, 1982

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Title: Wagoner, David : May 10th, 1982
Author: Wagoner, David
Description: Description on cassette : David Wagoner - Poetry Reading May 10, 1982; Intro: Jim Robinson Contents:
All tracks   Poetry reading [complete]
Track 01   Introduction
Track 02   The Junior High School Band
Track 03   My Fire
Track 04   My Father’s Ghost
Track 05   Their Bodies
Track 06   After the Speech, To the Librarians
Track 07   How Stump Stood in the Water
Track 08   Salmon Boy
Track 09   Stump Speech
Track 10   Kingfisher
Track 11   Life Saving
Track 12   In Distress
Track 13   In the Booking Room
Track 14   Breath Test
Track 15   Medusa’s Lover
Track 16   Say Nothing Revealing
Track 17   Crossing the Divide
Track 18   By Starlight
Track 19   Song After Midnight
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/697211
Date: 1982-05-10

Files in this item

Files Size Format View Description
Elliston_Lecture_05-10-82_David_Wagoner.mp3 54.87Mb mp3 audio View/Open
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_01.mp3 3.794Mb mp3 audio View/Open Introduction
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_02.mp3 4.409Mb mp3 audio View/Open The Junior High School Band
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_03.mp3 3.960Mb mp3 audio View/Open My Fire
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_04.mp3 3.352Mb mp3 audio View/Open My Father's Ghost
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_05.mp3 3.355Mb mp3 audio View/Open Their Bodies
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_06.mp3 5.910Mb mp3 audio View/Open After the Speech, To the Librarians
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_07.mp3 3.112Mb mp3 audio View/Open How Stump Stood in the Water
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_08.mp3 6.109Mb mp3 audio View/Open Salmon Boy
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_09.mp3 4.195Mb mp3 audio View/Open Stump Speech
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_10.mp3 1.673Mb mp3 audio View/Open Kingfisher
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_11.mp3 4.394Mb mp3 audio View/Open Life Saving
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_12.mp3 9.234Mb mp3 audio View/Open In Distress
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_13.mp3 1.946Mb mp3 audio View/Open In the Booking Room
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_14.mp3 1.334Mb mp3 audio View/Open Breath Test
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_15.mp3 4.120Mb mp3 audio View/Open Medusa's Lover
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_16.mp3 7.983Mb mp3 audio View/Open Say Nothing Revealing
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_17.mp3 3.711Mb mp3 audio View/Open Crossing the Divide
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_18.mp3 4.096Mb mp3 audio View/Open By Starlight
Elliston_David_Wagoner_05-10-82_Track_19.mp3 4.129Mb mp3 audio View/Open Song After Midnight

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