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Szeman, Sherri

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Szeman, Sherri

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Title: Szeman, Sherri
Author: Szeman, Sherri
Description: Description on cassette : Sheri Szeman Contents:
All tracks   Poetry reading [complete]
Track 01   Introduction
Track 02   Szeman Introduction to Work
Track 03   Holding Our Hearts in Our Hands Like Rock
Track 04   Speaking For The Dead
Track 05   The Lies Our Parents Tell US
Track 06   Learning The New Language
Track 07   First Day of German Class
Track 08   On The Other Hand
Track 09   Intoduction to Kommadant’s Mistress
Track 10   Part I
Track 11   Max scene
Track 12   Rachel scene
Track 13   Max scene (2)
Track 14   Rachel scene (2)
Track 15   Q&A
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/697275
Date: 1994?

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Files Size Format View Description
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman.mp3 75.76Mb mp3 audio View/Open All Tracks
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_Intro.mp3 5.089Mb mp3 audio View/Open Introduction
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_SzemanIntrotoWork.mp3 9.409Mb mp3 audio View/Open Introduction by Szeman about works
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_03.mp3 3.665Mb mp3 audio View/Open Holding Our Hearts in Our Hands Like Rock
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_04.mp3 6.017Mb mp3 audio View/Open Speaking For The Dead
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_05.mp3 2.261Mb mp3 audio View/Open The Lies Our Parents Tell Us
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_06.mp3 3.105Mb mp3 audio View/Open Learning The New Language
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_07.mp3 3.153Mb mp3 audio View/Open First Day of German Class
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_08.mp3 3.001Mb mp3 audio View/Open On The Other Hand
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_09.mp3 8.385Mb mp3 audio View/Open Introduction of Fiction Reading
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_10.mp3 6.721Mb mp3 audio View/Open Part I
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_11.mp3 4.401Mb mp3 audio View/Open Max scene
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_12.mp3 6.321Mb mp3 audio View/Open Rachel scene
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_13.mp3 1.905Mb mp3 audio View/Open Max scene (2)
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_14.mp3 5.217Mb mp3 audio View/Open Rachel scene (2)
Elliston_Sherri_Szeman_track_15.mp3 2.977Mb mp3 audio View/Open Q&A

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