House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 005

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
Frederick, Bandle
George, Bermot
Rachael , Brown
William, Bates
Daniel, Blackleech
Adaline, Block
Edward, Buckley
Sebastian, Butsback
William, Beer
George, Bainbridge
John, Buckley
Charles, Bennet
Anthony, Brightman
L., Baldwin Henry
L., Bliss Sylvester
George, Bennet
Lucy, Beazley
Peter, Brown
J., Bater Sarah
Francis, Baker
James, Bailey
Charles, Brouley
W., Blangee George
Ann, Beff
John, Brown
Adam, Bowers
James, Black
Mary, Benjamin
Eliza, Burton
John, Brennon
Robert, Barthold
Joseph, Black
Henry, Butcher
Theodore, Bierlain
George, Buchanan
Barbara, Bearley
Cesearine, Bergerot
Morris, Buckley
W, Brophy Peter
John, Bonner
Sarah, Bowers
Joseph, Berger
Elizabeth, Bonner
Matthew, Brophy
Barney , Burns
Catharine, Battle
Philip, Brogan
John, Burkhead
Robert, Burns
Charles, Baker
Henry, Baumann
Elizabeth, Beargerot
Jacob, Bargett
Clarissa, Brown
Jacob, Brickett
John, Bout
James, Bargeet
James, Butter S.
John, Baker
Jane, Burk Mary
A., Bowman John
Delafayette, Bowman
C., Boyd Charles
Henry, Bowman
Blotas, Bloom
Patrick, Bray
John, Burk
Thomas, Bowen
Henry, Becken
Victorine , Beargerot
Rachael, Bonner
Lee, Block Rosa
Adolphies, Beizen
John, Barker
H., Booker John
Noah, Booker
Alexander, Booker
Philip, Bradley
Henry, Bowney
Elizabeth, Booker
Sarah, Booker
Joseph, Belt
Johanna, Blackburn
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