To hamartema tes metros mou : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

Vizyenos, G. M. (Georgios M.)
Schieszer, Ashleigh
Figueirinhas, Catarina
Ebert, Jessica
Figueirinhas, Catarina
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The pamphlet was removed from an inherently acidic pamphlet binder by mechanically removing the corroded staples with a micro spatula and locally removing the cloth hinges with poultices of methyl cellulose. The cover, already detached from the text block, was surface cleaned with an Absorbene smoke sponge. To remove the layer of adhesive still present on the cover and to reduce the adhesive stains, the cover was humidified, washed several times with cold and hot water, and sized with a 0.4% Methyl cellulose size. The cover was lined on the inside with a toned Uso mino kozo tissue and wheat starch paste. The losses on the cover were filled with paper pulp and inpainted with Schmincke watercolors and Prismacolor color pencils. A hinge of toned Tengujo tissue was placed along the breaking point on the right side of the upper cover with wheat starch paste. Overall, small tears along the text block were mended and the first and last page of the text block were hinged onto the text block with a toned Tengujo tissue and wheat starch paste. The spine of the text block was lined with Uso mino kozo tissue and wheat starch paste. The original case was reattached to the text block with a Sekishu hollow tube and wheat starch paste applied to the spine. The inner hinges were reinforced with a toned Tengujo and wheat starch paste. The pamphlet was rehoused in a manuscript folder.
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