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William Howard Taft, Extract from Address. FRAMED. [May 27, 1905] : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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William Howard Taft, Extract from Address. FRAMED. [May 27, 1905] : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

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Title: William Howard Taft, Extract from Address. FRAMED. [May 27, 1905] : Preservation Lab Treatment Report
Author: Voynovich, Chris; Ebert, Jessica; Schieszer, Ashleigh
Description: This letter was received by the lab framed in a group of six letters. The letters are in fair condition. The letters are of different beige and light brown paper stocks, some of which contain watermarks ‐ including a watermarked date of 1898 (see accompanying documentation of letters in transmitted illumination). They suffer from a variety of condition issues, such as staining along the bottom edge, dirt accumulation, and fading of the printed text which is likely printed from a dye‐based ribbon ink. This letter was particularly difficult to read due to fading. A transcript was created and printed to aid users handling the document. To protect the letters from further fading, they were housed in a polyester encapsulated binding. The encapsulated binding leaves were welded with open edges along the gutter and bottom edges for digitization access. Printed photographic documentation was included in the encapsulated binding. View Digitized Letter
Bookmark: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.UC/768070
Date: 2017-10-18

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