Finkelstein, Norman : poetry reading; April 26th, 1994

Finkelstein, Norman
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Recording, acoustical
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Finkelstein, Norman
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Contents: All tracks   Poetry reading [complete] from Passing Over Track 01     Neither remembered nor forgotten Track 02     There in the corner Track 03     At the turning of the season Track 04     This plate is divided Track 05     Wine at the beginning, wine at the end Track 06     This is the bread of affliction Track 07     Wonder at these acts Track 08     The wise, the experienced Track 09     I am neither wise nor wicked Track 10     The Telling Track 11     Drop by Drop Track 12     Sound of Wind Track 13     Impossible Words Track 14     This, Then That Track 15     A Dinnertime Interlude Track 16     Now that all have eaten Track 17     When the Germans entered the village Track 18     Now it is midnight Track 19     As one from among a numberless congregation Track 20     The sky is dark   end of Passing Over Track 21     After the Fall Track 22     Untitled Track 23     Five Little Poems for Kathy Track 24     Walks Into Death Track 25     Track
Description on cassette : Norman Finkelstein - Poetry Reading April 26, 1994; Intro: Don Bogen