House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 053

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
Nillie, Gardner
Wm, Glackin
Max, Goldblatt
Emma, Green
Martin, Guentheberg
Fred, Geisler
Isaac, Gallagher
Clifford, Galey
Martin, Gorman
Lena, Gudey
William, Gleason
Joseph, Goodson
Joseph, Gunther
Frank, Graves
Mary (Margaret), Grop
Samuel, Grop
Wm, Graham
Wm, Gebhardt
George, Gordon
Richard, Gregory
Fred, Glackin
Samuel, Glackin
Theodore, Guenther
Lizzie, Glackin
Morris, Glenn
James, Gavin
Sarah, Garrien
Edward, Goodrich
Lena, Getz
Mamie, Gaskin
John P, Given
John alias Wheeler, Grant
Mary alias Wheeler, Grant
Charles alias Wheeler, Grant
Fred, Graves
Albert, Goodall
John alias Jesse mattler, George
James, Grant
William, Gaffney
Cleve, Green
Grace, Gaines
William, Glover
John, Ganley
Molhe, Gottschilet
Charles, Gains
John, Grunthese
Wm alias Grimmers, Grimes
Baptiste, Ginelli
John, Gallagher
Micheal, Galligon
John alias Edw miller, Gentner
Edward, Garrity
F, Gaines
Geo, Goebel
Burts, Goldberry
Isaac alias Wm, Gallagher
Marry, Gaines
Geo, Guthardt
Archie, Gaines
Oliver, Gaines
Frank, Gerdes
August, Gurber
William, Gurber
Pearl, Gray
Alonzo, Gaines
Wm, Grannacner
Mathew, Green
Harry, Govian
Thos, Gales
Thos , Garvey
Herman, Grosky
Belle, Gardner
Nannie, Gaines
Chas , Gallagher
Dora, Green
Robt, Green
Louis, Gardner
Geo alias Glazzer, Glozzer
Ritzsses, Gaigs
Joseph, Guthrie
August, Geider
Chas, George
Geo, Goodall
Lizzee, Grant
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