House of refuge. Volume 3, Page 131

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
Costello, P. R.
Jackson, James B.
Weaver, David E
Fulweiler, M
Peppers, John B
Roat, Harry F
Hobson, James
Sanders, Christ
Cruse, James
Heckmeyer, Andrew
Cummings, Thos
Hill, Wm G.
Diebold, John
Webber, Chas C
Mass, Wm F
Grosse, Hugo
Steinhardt, Felix
Maxey, J.F
McFarland, Thos J
Bartholomew, Geo D
Rodden, Richard
Wood, A. H.
Paul, Philip
Adams, Wm H
Clements, Frank
Pettif, Sam'l S
Streibig, Joseph
Allison, Mary F
Devinney, Mary
Rodden, Jennie
Barrington, F.S
Kilcourse, Mary
Swift, Helen
Shott, Nan
Steinhardt, M.C
Bartholomew, Marath
McKenzie, Emma
Kurll, Freida
Hopping, Phoebe
Pennell, Ida
Gould, Kate
Patterson, Olive
Hockett, Lillie
Burkhart, Nellie
Brite, Mary E
Smith, Joanna
Hartley, E.M
Kline, F.M
Leonard, George
Bischoff, M
Dyer, Alma F
Charls, Amelia
Murphy, Emma F
Nieman, M.L
Williams, C.A
Allison, Kate
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