Architectural Drawings of W.H. Taft Statue, Concept Study D

Moore, William T., III
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<p> A pair of ink drawings show a proposed design for the placement of the William H. Taft sculpture; one drawing shows the design from overhead, and the other drawing shows the scene from an elevated perspective view, with the sculpture facing toward the bottom-left of the paper. </p> <p> The statue is placed on the left end of small rectangular plaza, at the top of short, broad staircase with five steps. A wide, flat wall, several feet taller than the sculpture, is behind the sculpture, at the rear of the plaza. The following text is visible on the right side of the wall, in a large font: William Howard Taft, Chief Justice, 1921-1930. Additional indistinct text appears below the large text. A rectangular bench sits along the right side of the plaza. A low shrub bed runs along either side of the plaza, along the stairs, and to a walkway adjoining the stairs. An additional bench sits outside the shrub bed, along the walkway. Several leafless, deciduous trees line each end of the plaza. Behind the wide wall at the rear of the plaza is the north-facing exterior wall of a brick building. </p> <p> On the overhead drawing, the benches, shrubs, and wall are labeled. Circles show the placement of the statue and the trees. A compass in the top right corner shows that north is to the left of the drawing; this is the direction of the opening of the plaza. An arrow on the circle representing the statue shows that the statue is facing northwest. The footer of the drawing has the following text: Wm. H. Taft Statue, University of Cincinnati, LAW School SITE, Concept Study D, Jan 21. 1991. William T. Moore III. The artist's address is redacted. </p> <p> On the perspective view drawing, a person is standing next to the statue. The footer has the following text: William H. Taft Statue: North, College of Law, Site, Perspective View, University of Cincinnati: Concept Study D, William T. Moore III. The drawing is not dated. The artist's address is redacted. </p>