House of refuge. Volume 3, Page 142

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
Costello, P. R.
Dechebach, Alfred
Weaver, David E
Fulweiler, M
Peppers, John B
Kline, Henry
Hobson, James
Sanders, Christ
Cruse, James
Cummings, Thos
Hill, Wm G.
Diebold, John
Webber, Chas C
Mass, Wm F
Grosse, Hugo
Steinhardt, Felix
McFarland, T J
Martin, Lewis
Staples, L.B
Rodden, Richard
Wood, A. H.
Paul, Philip
Clements, Frank
Rudolph, Frank
Basche, Jas
Streibig, Joseph
Allison, Mary F
Devinney, Mary
Rodden, Jennie
Barrington, F.S
Kilcourse, Mary
Swift, Helen
Steinhardt, M.C
McKenzie, Emma
Kurll, Freida
Hopping, Phoebe
Martin, Anna
Staples, L B
Pennell, Ida
Fanell, Margaret
Hockett, Lillie
Burkhart, Nellie
Gould, Kate
Brite, Mary E
Smith, Joanna
Hartley, E.M
Kline, F.M
Leonard, George
Bischoff, M
Dyer, Alma F
Charls, Amelia
Murphy, Emma F
Williams, C.A
Allison, Kate
Mackey, Elizabeth
Parrons, Mary A
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