Phelps' & Ensign's travelers' guide through the United States : containing stage, steamboat, canal and rail-road routes, with the distances from place to place : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

Schieszer, Ashleigh
Figueirinhas, Catarina
Ebert, Jessica
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This is a text that includes a large foldout map. Before digitization could be carried out the foldout map was removed from the case, humidified and flattened, and then mended. Once treatment of the map was complete, it was temporarily housed in a polyester L-sleeve with Dove Gray paper for transit to Digital Services. The textblock of the binding was surface cleaned and mended. Once the map was digitized, the object was returned to the Lab for long-term housing. The flattened map was re-folded in its original format and reattached to the binding with an Usu Mino thin tissue hinge. Two digitally enhanced surrogated were created; one was housed flat in a polyester L-sleeve and the other was folded in the identical manner to the original map and housed in a Dove Gray paper pocket.
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