[Parody newspaper – College of Medicine] The Green Cross Review Play : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

Schieszer, Ashleigh
Ebert, Jessica
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This is a printed parody newspaper from the College of Medicine dating to February 22, 1928. It is printed on thin pink machine‐made tissue with black ink. There is no information on the verso. The newspaper depicts the University of Cincinnati Medical College staff as though they are actors in a play in the format of a playbill. In the center of the document the play program is outlined, including a music chorus and three acts of the “Green Cross Review.” Along the outside edges are humorous parody ads that also incorporate UC Medical College Staff, such as, “NEAT NECROPSIES DONE WHILE YOU WAIT / Dr. R. V. Austin / Dr. N. C. FOOT” and “LET ME DO YOUR WORRYING. / Dr. Alfred Friedlander” as well as “ARE YOU CONTEMPLATING MURDER? IF SO, SEE US FIRST…” The newspaper is too fragile to handle. It is currently stored folded into eighths in an archival document folder with the printed side face in. One of the folded eighths is fully detached. Overtime the paper has darkened and discolored from pink to peach. The paper is brittle, extremely fragile and tearing along the folds. Along the folds the edges are crumbled, creased with areas of paper loss.