House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 022

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
John, Cassell
Susan, Creps
James, Clarey
William, Crawford
Thomas, Curtis
Mary, Clark
John, Cronin
M, Mary Countryman
John, Cummins
Charles, Carroll
Thomas, Cushing
Henry, Collins
Lewis, Cheatham
George, Cook
Margaret, Chesser
Thomas, Cronan
Hannibal, Carroll
Thomas, Conroy
George, Crumberger
Thomas, Coleman
John, Conley
Daniel, Cullen
Cora, Clarke
Thomas, Cook
E, Mary Conley
James, Cororan
B, Napoleon Carr
John, Clellan
Horace, Cross
George, Clifford
A, James Clark
Anthony, Connelly
Frank Alias Coup., Cobb
Charles, Clark
Ida Alias Williamson, Carney
William, Clingman
Charles, Chambers
John, Conway
William, Cregar
Oscar, Cregar
Belle, Cumberland
Alice, Copeland
Peter, Coleman
Joseph, Cook
John, Crary
Charles, Conners
James, Crosby
James, Cunningham
George, Carr
Frank, Coyne
James, Coleman
Ann., Crain
Edward, Cushing
Arthur, Carney
Richard, Carr
John, Cook
Frank, Casely
James, Carroll
E, George Cameron
Charles, Cress
Martin, Crain
Thos.F. Alias Johnston, Cosgrove
Edward, Cooney
John Alias Coloin, Campbell
Thomas, Cole
Martin, Condin
John, Crowley
John, Cunningham
Dora, Custer
Thomas, Calighan
Frank, Conners
Fred, Conners
Willie, Conners
Mary, Cook
George, Clifford
Willis, Clark
William, Crell
Albert, Cramer
Barney, Coleman
Minnie, Cook
John, Conquest
John, Conway
George, Carringham
Eliza, Clay
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