William Howard Taft, Extract from Address. FRAMED. [May 27, 1905] : Preservation Lab Treatment Report

Schieszer, Ashleigh
Voynovich, Chris
Ebert, Jessica
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This letter was received by the lab framed in a group of six letters. The letters are in fair condition. The letters are of different beige and light brown paper stocks, some of which contain watermarks ‐ including a watermarked date of 1898 (see accompanying documentation of letters in transmitted illumination). They suffer from a variety of condition issues, such as staining along the bottom edge, dirt accumulation, and fading of the printed text which is likely printed from a dye‐based ribbon ink. This letter was particularly difficult to read due to fading. A transcript was created and printed to aid users handling the document. To protect the letters from further fading, they were housed in a polyester encapsulated binding. The encapsulated binding leaves were welded with open edges along the gutter and bottom edges for digitization access. Printed photographic documentation was included in the encapsulated binding.
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