House of refuge. Volume 3, Page 051

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
Costello, P. R.
Jackson, J. B.
Kautz, F. A. S.
Allen, Wm M
Manhood, C. B.
Savage, R. J
Stegner, Wm C
Hilgeman, Jos.
Cummings, T.
Duvall, J. W.
Burke, Jos. F.
Hill, Wm G
Webber, Chas C
Bohan, John E
Wolff, Kurt
Penn, Albert
Lemmon, Ed
Branham, Geo M
Roberts, Chas E
McElwee, D. L.
Courtney, H.C.
Rodden, R
Hanks, Arthur
Wood, A.H.
Kuhn, Peter
Miller, Geo E
Devinney, Mary
Devaux, M. E.
Carson, Carrie
McElwee, D.L.
Barrington, F.S.
Courtney, H.C.
Gibbens, Lizzie
Kilcourse, Mary
Swift, H.E.
Heaton, Emma E
Nation, Bertha
Helbing, Amelia
Hart, M.C.
Hall, Annie
Rodden, R
Radina, Mary
Duvall, J.W.
Brite, Mary E
Mirrielees, H.M.
Moore, Mabel K
Moore, Grace E
Ryan, Marie
Thomson, Mary
Welsch, Mabel
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