House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 128

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
Catherine, Schreager
Jane, Scales Nancy
William, Switzer
Thomas, Scollard
John, Shry
J, Smith William
J, Shearer William
John, Shea
B, Shiner Jesse
Joseph, Summers
Joseph, Scott
James, Shorten
Virginia, Strange
J, Swail Mary
Columbus, Smith
William, Shultz
John, Smith
A, Smith James
B, Smith Jefferson
George, Sherwood
J, Shatzer John
William, Stuttleberg
Louis, Sneiberger
Eli, Shefferts
Ann, Sinclair Julia
Michael, Schinnihan
George, Senlord
J, Scott William
Michael, Spannard
James, Splang
Patrick, Sheehan
Jeremiah, Shay
James, Savage
Anthony, Stibb
James, Sullivan
James, Summers
William, Summers
Henry, Stiens
A, Sweet Sarah
John, Sefton
Annelia, Scheid
Joseph, Shoppener
Thomas, Smith
Charles, Stewart
John, Sneider
John, Smith
A, St Clair James
John, St Clair
D, Sprong Andrew
William, Schwartz
Michael, Stimple
Matthew, Sherlock
John, Sullivan
J, Sawyer Elizabeth
Liebold, Singer
James, Smith
Henry, Smith
Caroline, Sillman
Elizabeth, Shemfelt
Joseph, Severs
James, Sullivan
Isaac, Supton
David, Schoop
Henry, Stewart David
Joseph, Strausler
F, Sawyer Mary
John, Seiter
James, Sannders
George, Smith
E, Stockton James
James, Syloester
Jennie, Shay
William, Shehan
George, Swity
S, Sellman Maria
B, Seitzer Chas
Jr, Seitzer George
John, Sullivan
Samuel, Shohl
William, Saddler
Thomas, Sullivan
John, Sears
George, Shineshan
James, Straton
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