House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 019

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
George, Curtis
Agatha, Cardouna
James, Clary
John, Coles
Mary, Curry
Owen, Clark
James, Challis
Nicholas, Clayton
J, Niebur Cornelius
William, Clinch
Peter, Clinch
Fanny, Connor
Herman, Casteen
H, William Clark
Micheal, Carroll
H, Charles Cape
Jesse, Cole
Abagail, Chalfant
St, Thomas Craddock
E, Joseph Cornell
Dennis, Conroy
J, Martha Coma
Laurence, Conway
John, Cashman
William, Cashman
John, Crowley
R, Philander Child
Joseph, Cross
Samuel, Clark
John, Crowin
Andrew, Cahill
Thomas, Casey
Harrison, Collius
Francis, Coffin
Thomas alias Burk, Coffin
L, George Carlis
Henry, Campbell
S, John Cunningham
M, James Cunnigham
H, Daniel Cunningham
Jr, Wm Carson
Thomas, Caskell
Daniel, Calden
Jeremiah, Calden
William, Cunningham
Philip, Coon
Richard, Coats
William, Casee
Ambrose, Christie
Patrick, Carney
John, Carney
William, Casey
Simeon, Crook
Richard, Crary
John, Callahan
Decatur, Clayer
Amanda, Cripper
James, Cooper
Richard, Cooper
William, Cyrus
George, Crandall
Patrick, Casey
Simothy, Creighton
Margaret, Columbia
J, Zachariah Cripper
Dennis, Colden
Harrison, Collins
Margaret, Cripper
M, Anna Crothers
Clara, George Cripper
Mary, Carrol
Mary, Conway
Joseph, Child
Daniel, Calden
James, Carmicheal
Micheal, Conway
Christopher, Craper
James, Cullern
Courad, Ceitha
Henry, Carr
William, Callippee
Margaret, Callipee
Cambridge, Culbertson
William, Culbertson
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