House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 099

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
Thomas, Maloney
Edwin, Marty
Martin, Maynard
Wm, Meyers Miles
Wm, McDonough
L, McMillen Grace
E, McWillen Norman
George, McCornack
James, Moher
Chas, Markam
Norman, McDermid
Wm, Murphy
Leroy, Miller
Henry, Moran
Maggie, Marshall
Edwd, Mohn
Meyer, Henry
Beruard, Milligan
Lynn, Merchemer
Gull Mc
Jno Murphy
Wm, Martin
Geo, Martin
Robt, Martin
Lezzie, Martin
Wm, Mangold
Edw, Malloy
Wm, Mullue
Lillie, Muegotte
Ger, Miller
Canie, Marteu
Kate, McGuitcy
Josie, Murphy
Eugene, Moriarty
Edward, Molze Edward
Edward, Mohnmeyers
Julia, Mansouss
Walter, Mann
John, McElligott
Katie, McElligott
Thomas, McElligott
Willie, McElligott
W, Morrison Herbert
John, McKibben
Chas, Mans
Jos, Malone
Micheal, Mora
Geo, Meyer
Benj, Meyer
Harry, Merrill
Eugene, Manifold
Thomas, McCue
Mamie, McCue
Katie, McCue
Willie, McCue
Nathan, alias Mayfield Eddie
Micheal Mara, alias Moore John
Mary, Motz
Mary, Marks
Edward, Marks
Joseph, Meinschott
Chas, McCue
Louis, Miller
Casper, Mechler
Lena, Mechler
Katie, Mechler
William, Mechler
Thos, McClellau
Chas, Manroe
Mary, McCaue
Katie, Martix
Manie, McNugh
Ethel, Morrison
Mellvin, Morrison
Edward, Mcmillan
Nettie, McCann
Celia, Mohn
Chas, Meyers
Pauline, Meyers
Edna, Meyers
Chas, Morgan
Louis, Meyers
Dominick, Murray
Minnie, Manger
John, Manger
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