House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 043

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
Frederick, Fredericks
Charles, Fox
John, Fifer
Matilda, Fritch
Magdalena, Fritch
L, Farmer Mary
Charles, Ferdinand
Charles, Fritch
Michael, Fritzner
Joseph, Fox
Francis, Franks
Andrew, Finley
E, Fox George
Elizabeth, Ford
J, Feaselman Fredk
Eleanor, Fox
J, Fankner Mary
Sebastian, Frick
Morris, Fleming
J, Fisher George
Michael, Frank
John, Frank
Martin, Freeman
Francis, Frick
Michael, Finn
Henry, Frielucher
Charles, Feeny
Ann, Fitzimmons
Joseph, Ford
Michael, Foster
Ernst, Finner
Margaret, Fenner
Thomas, Fullum
James, Fisher
C, Fox Jane
Emmel, Frederick
Caroline, Fleming
Edward, Foreman
James, Fall
Jacob, Frick
Jacob, Frank
John, Ferry
Mary, Foster
James, Force
Francis, Fay
Hannah, Flood
Jerome, Faucet
Isaac, Fitzinmons
William, Fork
Frank, Fury
H, Fletcher William
Honora, Fitzgerald
Valentine, Firmen
R, Finley Robert
Barney, Farrel
Michael, Fortune
William, Faucet
William, Ford
Charles, Fritz
Henry, Faucet
James, Foley
John, Faley
Ann or Eilla, Foley
James, Fitz Patrick
William, Fritch
C, Flood Mary
Henry or Fraush, Freshand
James, Fennessy
Richard, Fennessy
W, Fassett John
George, Ferari
Arthur, Fogarty
John, Forrester
John, Fanning
Frank, Foot
Lena, Fox
William, Flarity
Joseph, Fitzsimmons
Thomas, Fleming
Thomas, Fallon
Edward, Findley
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