House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 107

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
May, NewKirk
William, Neal
W, Neiahamiah Cornelius
Lizzie, Nicholson
Geo, Nedderman
Edward, Northhouse
Rosa, Nelson
Wood, Neil James
W, Neiman Harry
Katie, Newman
Mary, Newman
Lillie, Neff
Fred, Nobel
Wm, Naudin
Edward alias Molze, Nalze
Fred alias Noth, North
Saml, Newlander
August, Ness
Harry, Nash
Edward, Ness
Harry, Ness
Frank, Neumeister
Clay, Neal
George, Nerl
Eddie alias Cohan, Nathan
James, Nixon
Harry, Nixon
Edward, Niehouse
Samuel, Nichols
Walter, Nutley
Esthel, Nash
Lena, Nicholson
John, Nevell
Marie, Nelson
Wm, Nixon
Claude, Newman
Albert, Nienaber
Thos, Nichols
Warren, Newman
Edward, Nagel
Arthur, Nichols
Fred, Neill
Annie, Newsome
Ralph, Neal
Elmer, Nash Percy
Cora, Nelson
William, Noser
Hazel, Nelson
Stanie, Naovak
Walter, Nelson
Kristain, Neilson
Alma, Nellis
Louis, Nagel
Roy, Nichols
Bertha, Nichols
Susan, Norman
Bernard, Neville
John, Niemann
Leroy, Nichols
August, Nagel
Conrad, Nuener
Elmer, Nelson
L, Nelson John
Christina, Nelson
Estell, Nunley
Anna, Neil
George, Nelson
George, Nolan
Mabel, Nigman
Bertie, Neal
Chester, Niedersheman
Emma, Niedersheman
Anthony, Nicolette
Burns, Nelson
Wm, Nolte
Thomas, Newman
Charles, Nolte
Owen, Neville
Frank, Nolte
John, Noll
Margaerete, Norman
George, Nisonger
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