House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 113

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
A, Prather John
George, Palmer
Annie, Patton
Stephen, Peters
Dolly, Pogue
Annie, Pierce
James, Powell
Henry, Peet
William, Purcell
James, Poe
Kate, Parkinson
William, Purcell
Margaret, Patton
A, Parker Charles
Caroline, Pogrinus
Edward, Pease
Peter, Petri
Frank, Purcell
Belle, Poinsett Anna
Mary, Parks
Michael, Popp
Peter, Paine
William, Patton
Lizzie (Steiger), Pilgrim
Rosela, Parham
Charles, Perry
William, Patterson
Frank, Ponsold
James, Pearson
James, Preston
Chas, Pratt
George, Pope
John, Printz
Fred, Phillips
Dominick, Podesta
Ada, Parker
George, Price
Willie (Green), Parks
Maggie, Palmer
Charles, Pabst
Theodore, Prinzel
Leona, Perry
Nelson, Perry
Georgia, Powell
Robert, Pendleton
Jennie, Pate
William, Perrin
Vandyke, Piper
Elizabeth, Pate
C, Pendry Edward
Charles, Parker
Charles, Popp
Cordelia, Parker
Ada, Paine
Richard, Porter
L, Powell Charles
George, Polanze
Ida, Polanze
William, Prothers
C, Peters Charles
Otto, Polanze
William, Patterson
Conrad, Postel
Decatur, Porter
Americus, Porter
Nevada, Porter
Geneva, Porter
Thomas, Payton
Sarah, Prichard
Charles, Pickett
Benjamin, Partello
James, Peirce
Robert, Pell
A, Payne Clarence
Andrew, Peters
Harrison, Porter
Edwin, Prescott
Pearlic, Pratt
Adam (Henney), Painter
Henry, Peck
Annie, Pape
A, Periera Willard
Edward, Patterson
M, Prout James
Thomas, Prindeville
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