House of refuge. Volume 1, Page 057

Cincinnati House of Refuge
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Cincinnati House of Refuge
John, Hudson
Lawrence, Hamm
James, Howard
George, Heinzelmann
William, Henesy
Noah, Harris
John, Howald
John, Hinchey
W, Harris John
George, Houk
John, Huffman
John, Head
George, Helman
John, Henry
John, Hannon
A, Hughes Mary
Joseph, Hines
James, Healy
Henry, Hagerman
Patrick, Hussey
W, Halsall James
Mary, Hageny
Michael, Hanley
Richard, Hurley
T, Helman Benjamin
Daniel, Hays
William, Hines
Edward, Hanley
Patrick, Hanley
George, Hartman
Robert, Hall
Wm, Hickman
Richard, Herran
E., Heywood Mary
Barney, Higgens
Timothy, Howard
John, Hughes
John, Hart
John, Hoffman
Henry, Hultz
John, Harper
Elizabeth, Hobble
Cornelius, Horrigan
August, Hoover
John, Hagerty
J, Hayden Sanil
Walter, Heavy
John, Hannon
Henry, Hultz
John, Hughes
Frank, Hess
John, Hunnifield
Frank, Hanley
James, Hughes
B., Hays Mary
Henry, Heywood
James, Hart
A., Holmes Margaret
Henry, Howard
Charles, Hihaus
Patrick, Haley
Fred, Houk
John, Hammons
Edward, Hussey
James, Harris
C, Hughes Sharah
Emil, Hilhouse
Ann, Hamilton
L, Hussey Mary
Charles, Hawkins
Henry, Huber
Casper, Hunt
John, Hunt
William, Harris
John, Hickey
Charles, Hennig
Hattie, Heckroot
George, Haley
Charles, Haight
Nicholas, Hoffman
John, Hays
Lewis, Hettinger
John, Hoff
Charles, Hartzell
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